Emergency Services

While we hope that you are never in need of it, we do offer emergency services based on need and availability. The best way to avoid the need for this service is to have us come to your property for an inspection before a storm but, when Mother Nature steps in and doesn't allow it, we are here for you.

Our tree removal emergency services are provided by professional arborists or tree experts to help identify and address the urgency of the situation involving trees that pose immediate risks to property, people, or infrastructure. Here's what you can expect from Ichabod’s Tree Experts:


While we operate primarily during normal business hours our emergency tree removal services may be available round-the-clock to respond promptly to urgent situations, such as trees damaged by storms, high winds, lightning strikes, or other unforeseen events. However, it is important to keep in mind that storms generally create a large path of destruction which limits everyone’s abilities.

Assessment and Safety:

Our first priority is to assess the situation carefully, to determine the extent of the damage, and plan the best course of action. Safety is paramount, and precautions will be taken to help minimize any damage during the removal process so it will not endanger people or property further.

Specialized Equipment:

We are a full service tree company with specialized tools and equipment, such as chainsaws, ropes, rigging gear, skid loaders, bucket trucks and more. This gives us the ability to remove trees safely and efficiently. Strom related situations often present unique situations that may require the use of additional equipment that may not be readily available during large storms.

Risk Mitigation:

The primary goal of emergency tree removal is to mitigate immediate risks posed by damaged or fallen trees. This may involve safely removing unstable or partially fallen trees, clearing debris, and securing the area to prevent further damage or accidents. We may need to schedule additional time to properly remove and restore the property affected fully as weather and conditions permit.

Property Protection:

Ichabod’s will take every measure to minimize damage to nearby structures, vehicles, and landscape features during the tree removal process. This may include strategic pruning, roping techniques, and careful lowering of tree limbs or sections.

Cleanup and Restoration:

After the emergency tree removal is complete, we typically handle debris cleanup and disposal, as well as any necessary restoration work to repair damage to property or landscape features caused by the fallen tree. However, during an emergency, the normal timeline for these services can be effected .