Tree Removal

As the largest plant, trees are vital to the environment, serving several purposes.  According to scientists, there are roughly 73,300 tree species on Earth. Trees play a fundamental role in protecting our ecosystem by eating greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide.  Trees store carbon dioxide helping to slow the buildup of it in our environment and ultimately slowing climate change. Trees also give us oxygen, stabilize the soil, provide a habitat for wildlife, and aid in water filtration.

Although trees are beneficial and beautiful, there are times when tree removal is necessary.  At Ichabod's Tree Experts, we understand that tree removal is a difficult decision.  It's impossible to imagine your backyard without that big Maple tree or the Spring without those pink cherry blossoms.

As Licensed Tree Experts, our goal will always be to provide services that keep trees healthy and safe around your home or property. However, there are instances when tree removal is the best alternative for the landscape or safety to the homeowner. We offer a variety of services to assist you in the removal of any unwanted tree on your property. Whether they are healthy or not, thriving or decaying, let our experts help access your needs to keep your family and property safe.

Below are some instances where Tree Removal is necessary:

Dead or Dying Trees:

Dead or dying trees are part of the natural life cycle and can become hazardous. As trees weaken they become more susceptible various weather conditions and could unexpectedly fall, posing a risk to people, buildings, or other structures. Removing them promptly ensures the safety of everyone within the property and can alleviate the risk of damage to your home or other structures.

Diseased Trees:

Trees infected with diseases can spread the infection to other nearby trees. Removing diseased trees can help prevent the spread of the disease and protect the health of other plants in your landscape. Taking care of diseased trees promptly will also help reduce the costs and evasiveness of having to clear larger areas from your property if the disease is allowed to spread.

Storm Damage:

As seen over the last several years, Carroll County, Maryland alone has had several storms that have caused enormous damage in the area. Trees can sustain various types of damage during storms, such as lightning strikes, strong winds, heavy rain or snowfall. If a tree has been significantly damaged and poses a risk, it may need to be removed to prevent risks to people or additional property damage if they are not addressed and removed before they become a greater risk.


Trees that have grown to large or close to buildings including those that obstruct pathways, driveways, utilities, or interfere with construction projects may need to be removed to facilitate proper safety, access, or development.

Root Damage:

Trees with extensive root systems can cause damage to sidewalks, foundations, or underground utilities which in-turn can cause additional expense to repair those areas. In such cases, removing the tree might be necessary to prevent further impact or damage.

Safety Concerns:

If you have trees with large limbs growing over homes, driveways, decks, playground areas, trees that have grown too close to power lines, or structures can also pose safety hazards. Removing these trees is a proactive way to eliminate the risk of damage to property or injury to people.

Landscaping Renovation:

If you're renovating your landscape or making significant changes to your property, removing certain trees might be necessary to accommodate new designs or plans. Tree removal may also be needed to allow for additional construction or access to other areas of the property.

Aesthetic Reasons:

Property owners may also choose to remove trees for aesthetic reasons, such as to improve views, increase sunlight exposure, create more open spaces, or allow new usage for gardens, pools or other projects.

Regardless of the reason, it's important to hire a professional tree removal service to ensure the safe and proper removal of trees, as this can be a complex and potentially dangerous task if not handled properly.